I have been fishing the West-coast and Bamfield area for 20 years or more and have run all kinds of power. I now run twin 250 Suzuki four strokes supplied by Breakers marine and have never been more satisfied.

Gord and his helpful staff have been keeping my boat and engines in tip top shape long before I got my Suzuki's and I will definitely repower with new Suzuki's from Breakers when the time comes.

Whether it is motors, boat maintenance or tackle, Breakers is hands on and I have always been treated like family at Breakers Marine!!

- Dan Bishop

I have been running Suzuki outboards on all my fishing charter boats for many years now. The main reasons are reliability, power and most importantly service when I really need it most. The Suzuki 250's and 300's have been great engines on my fleet of Grady Whites over the years giving us more fuel economy, reliability and power than ever before. With all 4 boats running offshore everyday in all kinds of weather the dependability of the Suzuki is critical for the safety of my crew and guests, ensuring a positive experience for guests and repeat business.

The one thing that makes Breakers Marine in Bamfield really standout from the rest of the outboard dealers is their 7 day a week service throughout the summer fishing season. I have lost count how many times Gord and his crew at Breakers Marine have saved the day and got my boat back in the water in time for the next charter. Whether it is Friday or Sunday afternoon, Gord and his team will do everything in there power to get you back in the water fishing again. This type of service is critical to the success of my fishing charter company.

- Matt Olcen (Owner/Head Guide)

I started Bamfield Sportfishing in 1988 and my long standing business relationship with Breakers Marine the same year. In this world of boutique style dealerships, Breakers is like a step back in time, to when "service" really meant something. They run an "old school" hands on service department, that go out of their way to make sure you are back in the water ASAP. These guys will roll up their sleeves and get at it, until you are satisfied.

I have been running Suzuki 4 stroke outboards on my boats for the last 5 years now, and have never been happier. The power and reliability of these advanced outboards is unequaled in the industry, and I have tried them all.

When you have a boat full of paying customers 25 miles offshore, reliability is crucial, and service you can count on is mandatory. As well as service and marine repairs, their well stocked tackle shop is a mainstay in Bamfield, and my guides and I frequently stop in to top up our tackle box. From Bait to rods n reels, Breakers has it all. If you want the best, forget the rest.

- Ian Macdonald (Owner)

We have run Suzuki power on our off shore charter vessels for the last 4 seasons, and I can say without reservation Suzuki is the best choice for reliability and Breakers beats the competition hands down for service.

To illustrate our belief in the product and service, I'll share our story. We recently purchased a 265 Grady White Express with 200 hours on Yamaha 4 stroke engines, and we replaced the Yami's with Suzuki's. Conventional logic would say we were nuts to re-power, but when you operate off shore 30 miles I need to know we have reliable power to get us home, and the great service to back that up.

Suzuki backs their product with a no quibble warranty, so you have confidence that if there is an issue it's covered - no surprises. That kind of piece of mind is priceless.

When it comes to service, between Gord's shop in Bamfield and Dennis in Port Alberni we know we have almost immediate access to emergency service. Gord and his crew have saved my bacon on more than a few occasions by getting us in same day and on the water for our charters in the morning by doing whatever it takes. They really understand the impacts of downtime!

Moreover, we needed some help designing and custom fabricating a steering system for the kicker. After researching the internet and talking to more marine fabricators than I care to remember I explained our challenging design problem to Gord. After a half hour of measuring and looking over the problem, Gord designed a custom system for us when many other so called "experts" had given up.

I think our decision to dump the Yami's and go with Suzuki's speaks volumes about our confidence in the product and service. So unless you want second best, your smart choice is Breakers.

- Pat Ahern

For 14 years it's been my responsibility to oversee the marine operations at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre and its fleet of 9 boats used by students and researchers for fieldwork. We run Suzuki engines on all of them - ranging from 15 - 250 hp and couldn't be happier with the performance, reliability and price. We recently swapped out a set of Yamaha Four Strokes for a pair of 250 hp Suzuki's on our dive boat and immediately realized a 25% savings in fuel consumption - significant in these days of sky high fuel prices!

As for durability - let's just say that our small boat fleet, running 15hp engines, is for the most part student operated, and almost all of them are beginners when it comes to operating a boat. Needless to say the engines take their share of  "operator error" abuse and keep on going. Our students are continually putting the Suzuki wear and durability factor to the test..... and they pass with flying colours.

When I do need to get a breakdown repaired, Gordie and his crew at Breakers in Bamfield are there for me. We operate a busy field trip schedule and a vessel out of commission creates a real "cluster" for us. The speed and dedication of Breakers keeps us on the water. Thanks Breakers.......and Suzuki.

John Richards
Supervisor, Foreshore Operations
Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

- John Richards