Suzuki 350hp Dual-Propeller, 30" leg -- MSRP $38295

Suzuki 350hp Dual-Propeller, 30" leg -- MSRP $38295

Suzuki, 350, dual prop, dual propeller, fly by wire, digital control, four stroke



2018 Suzuki DF350BTXX

  • Dual Propellers for increased torque and thrust
  • 30" Lower units
  • Fly-By-Wire digital control system
  • V6 powerhead for light-weight
  • 12:1 Compression ratio

It’s no secret that there is a growing demand for more powerful outboard motors. These new outboard motors have fueled a demand for larger boat designs that previously may have been powered by stern drive or other inboard power. As more powerful outboards are introduced, the boats get bigger and as the boats get bigger, outboards are getting more muscular.

6 Year Warranty commenced July 1, 2020

Clearance Price: $30,000 + $125 freight (propellers, controls not included)