MARLON Xplore Pro II 8' Truck Deck

MARLON Xplore Pro II 8' Truck Deck

8' Truck Deck (fits 6.5' - 8' truck box) comes with 10' telescopic ramp

PRO models come with all the features aluminum decking, superglides, superglide extrusions mounted on the deck for loading on the sides or down the middle and two rear superclamps. Our side extrusion encloses all wiring for the bullet LED lights and offers an easy grip profile at the bottom to extend or pull your sides out. Side extrusion also holds Supertrac at a 45 degree angle with 4 tie downs. This offers multiple tie down locations completely down the side of your Marlon Xplore deck. Superglides are also held in place at the outer sides of the deck as we have incorporated the superglide profile into our side extrusion to save room on the decks. LED bullet lights are strategically placed in the head ache rack and under the deck with a heavy-duty toggle switch for lighting things up early in the morning and later in the day. Legs are adjustable to fit a long box or short box. Plug in wiring harness allows you to plug your deck into your trailer lights. Check out all of the options below and then go Xplore like a PRO!


  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Optional powder coated black paint
  • SuperTrac down both sides
  • Comes with 4 hooks for securement purposes
  • Easy grip beefy pull out sides c/w extrusion for Superglide & SuperTrac built-in
  • LED Bullet lights in the headache rack, Deck Sides w/ toggle switch mounted under deck
  • Telescoping Ramp 10' long x 51 3/4" wide with Superglides
  • LED Bullet Lighting on Deck Sides
  • Adjustable legs to fit long or shortbox
  • Aluminum Decking
  • Two front Superclamps
  • One additional center tie down hook
  • UHMW and Custom Extrusion for easier slide in sides
  • UHMW on ramp tray to assist in sliding your ramp in and out
  • Hardware kit for installation into truck box
  • Retractable side 75" retracted, 102" extended
  • 2 rear Superclamps, SuperTrac, tie down hooks & Superglides set up in 3 locations for outside & center loading

2020 Models in stock now!

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