DF6AS ---- MSRP $2139

DF6AS ---- MSRP $2139

DF6, DF6AS, 6hp, outboard motor, Suzuki, Suzuki outboard

15" Short Shaft, Tiller Handle

The DF6 brings 4-stroke performance and efficiency to portable outboards. Compact and lightweight, the DF6 is easy to transport and delivers surprising low- and mid-range torque for quick acceleration.

While maintaining the engine displacement of 138cm3, the conventional design has been overhauled and downsized to 24.0kg.
The overhead integral fuel tank and the new lubricating systems allow transport and storage of the outboard on any of three sides (port, starboard, or front) without leakage of fuel or oil.


Short (15") Shaft


5 Year Warranty

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