DF350ATX ---- MSRP $38,347

DF350ATX ---- MSRP $38,347

DF350ATX, 350hp Suzuki, 350 outboard, dual-prop, digital control, DEC

25" Extra-Long Shaft, Dual Propeller, Fly-By-Wire Digital Control

Join us as Suzuki introduces the next milestone in our history…The 350 horsepower DF350A… Suzuki’s Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard Motor.

This V6 350 horsepower engine features a high compression ratio to 12.0:1, the highest compression ratio ever for a production outboard engine. In order to make this work without knocking (a typical problem at this ratio), we developed systems to mix cooler air with well-atomized fuel to provide optimal conditions for complete, and controlled combustion. Controlled by a new dual-injector system.

This new dual-propeller set-up was developed and provided for improved performance on the water. This new set-up provides not only the highest recorded speeds for the DF350A, but also delivered incredible acceleration, even under heavy load and at high rotation speeds.

Whether you are using your boat for work or for leisure, wherever you are in the world, this new outboard is the ultimate choice.

5 Year Warranty


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