Suzuki introduces Suzumar Inflatables!

Suzuki introduces Suzumar Inflatables!

Suzuki Canada is proud to introduce SUZUMAR Inflatables!



Suzumar inflatables have been designed and built to specifications laid down by Suzuki to meet the demands of boating enthusiasts for a range of quality inflatable boats.

The models include tenders, family runabouts and sports inflatables from 2.9m to 3.9m, which are offered as highly competitively priced Suzuki powered packages. Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards (ISUP) have also been engineered with Suzuki's commitment to quality.

Constructed from heavy-duty material with inflatable keels for good stability and control and aluminium or glass fibre floors providing the strength needed for more demanding performance and conditions. Suzumar inflatable boats are to be equipped with short shaft outboard motors.

Each craft comes with stainless steel fittings, wooden seats and oars, a repair kit, a foot pump and a carrying bag.

Suzuki and Suzumar are the ultimate combinations!


Breaker's Marine will be among the first in Canada to take delivery of these vessels, contact us now for pricing and availabilty!