About Us

About Us

"Breakers Marine" began in 1987 in Bamfield, BC. The early years were a one man operation. An 'Atco' Trailer with a lean-two for a roof was utilized until a new building was constructed in 1989. The new building was a 2400 sq ft shop and retail store combined. Fishing tackle, camping gear, parts and accessories were added.

The success of our Suzuki Outboards, along with the best warranty in the business prompted a proposal in 2007.  Two Port Alberni entrepreneurs proposed a partnership. In 2008 we opened a second location in Port Alberni, BC. Dennis Griffith offers his exceptional mechanical skill in maintenance and repair of inboards and outboards alike specializing in Yamaha products. 

We currently carry some of the most extensive stock in Suzuki outboard inventory in Canada and ranked 3rd in Suzuki Outboard sales across Canada in 2008, 2nd in 2009 and 1st in 2010.

We believe that we need to support our loyal customers that have helped grow our business. Getting all our customers, both new and returning, back on the water fast, should you have a mishap, is top priority.

If you ask the pros such as fishing guides or whale watchers or people that live on islands that use their motor every day, why they have switched to Suzuki outboards, they'll give you reasons like realiability, fuel economy, longevity, and top notch service and support. These are all the same reasons that YOU should have a Suzuki outboard on the back of your boat!